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Shipping from germany.

Shipping costs: FREE


Are your documents originals or replicas?

All passports we sell are directly from the issuing authority, they are 100% originals, just with your photo.
ID Cards and Drivers Licenses are professional replicas, but still with all security features (Microprint, UV, Holo)

Are they registered?

We only take real data from real persons, so they will be in the countrys database yes.

Where can i use them?

You can use them in any country, but try to avoid to use it in the issuing country, since another person is already living there with that ID.

What can i do with them?

You can open bank accounts, P.O.Boxes, recieve and send Westernunion payments, rent and drive cars and whatever else you can imagine!
With our passports its even possible to travel.

How long does it take to make and ship the IDs?

ID Cards / Drivers Licenses about 14 days, Passports 21 days.

How long are the IDs valid?

Netherlands Passport 4-5 years, all others 8-10 years.

Can you make a cheaper price?


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